Studio Sets & Props

Ariane Photography Studio has access to a wide range of props and accessories. 

Please also feel free to take advantage of our two smoke machines to add that extra bit of something to your shoot ( please be advised that whilst we don’t charge for the machine use, we do charge for the fluid ).

If you do require anything specific, give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do. Likewise, we will endeavour to get your props out ready for you – if you let us know in advance.

We also stock a full range of baby props, new borns, kids backdrops, cake smash and splash props and costumes and soft toys.

NOTE – all props and sets are correct and available at time of photographing – some sets / props may be subject to change or not available if being used on other location shoots. Please ask in advance if there is something specific you require


To book any of the Ariane Photography Studio services please contact us to make an equiry or reserve your date.