– Hair should be washed and conditioned prior to the session – this will eliminate “fly away” hair and also create a nice shine

– Hair should be worn in a “natural” style and should not be “delicate”

– Makeup should be minimal – especially around the eyes and lips. Please DO NOT conceal blemishes excessively – they can always be removed in post production

– Keep your make up fresh – don’t rub your eyes

– Keep your lips moist

– Brightly coloured make up should not be used – stick to more neutral colours

– Jewellery – generally this will detract – as a general rule keep it minimal and discuss it in advance with the photographer


– Simple long sleeved garments in medium or dark natural tones such as brown, rust, burgundy, green or blue work well against a dark background

– Bold stripes, patterns, plaids, checks and floral prints are confusing and do not photograph well

– Especially bright, bold colours such as red, purple and orange can completely overpower the face and should only be worn by people with darker skin tones.

– Avoid light shades of colour similar to flesh tones such as beige, tan, peach, pink, white and yellow. Darker hues are more flattering and more slimming

– Having said that, light colours can work well against a light or pastel background

– Groups should select garments in similar tonal ranges – lights and dark’s together can create confusion

– Medium shade clothing works well in outdoor environments

– High heeled shoes are better for showing the line and definition of the leg


– Don’t lock joints. This is especially true if you are leaning forward or backwards on your hands – don’t lock fingers, hands or elbows. If in doubt…..if it bends…….bend it

– Keep fingers relaxed and separated

– Relax… is essential to have a casual and relaxed attitude in front of the camera

– Don’t move whilst a photographer is adjusting equipment – there is generally a reason for this

– Try and tilt the head to give a photo more intimacy and life. Tilt so it feels natural and relaxed

– Busts are emphasised by arching shoulders backwards

– Waists are narrowed by rotating the upper body slightly at the waist

– Hips should never be square on to the camera – always “show a heel” when posing

– Look at other models, copy their poses……practice in front of a mirror until it looks natural

– Try and get plenty of sleep the night before a shoot – bags under the eyes and a tired mouth expression detracts from portraits

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