Knowing how to “pose” and “be posed” are some of the basic fundamentals of ensuring your photos are the very best on your wedding day

Posing is not about striking over the top body positions or making large gestures, its about some basic body shapes and positions that will not only show you in the best light but also create the most pleasing images as an end result

Most importantly ladies….well and men….striking the right pose can also make you appear slimmer !!! and I’m sure we all want that

The amount of people that ask me “do you photoshop” the images………well actually in most cases, just getting some of the basics right means you wouldn’t need to anyway.

Posing for your Wedding Pictures - The Basics

photography-posing-guide-01The shape of your body is critical for any full length body posed images.

As a general rule, the body should be turned three quarters to the camera. By doing this, the majority of your torso will be at an angle to the camera and naturally make it appear slimmer. It is also important that the body weight is distributed correctly and where possible, weight should always be placed on the back foot – again pulling your natural body shape up.

As couples, by both doing this, it enables both of you to fit together better as any gap between your bodies is eliminated. Negative space between couples on images rarely looks good. This position is also used for Group shots to enable far more pleasing end result images

Other key things to consider are arms………if in doubt bend it or do something with it – nothing looks worse than a trailing arm. On the day, the photographer will work with you to ensure all arms in groups and couple shots are mirrored o create a better balance to the end photos.