A common question I get asked a lot is what constitutes a “model portfolio”

To be fair there is no real right or wrong answer as a shot list will be driven more around the kind of work you are looking to attract in the future.

Below though are some generic guidelines we use as a base

Basic Portfolio set for Actor / Model

– Casual Headshot with minimal make up ( B&W and Colour )

– At least one “styled” headshot with makeup, costuming or prop

– A body shot ( in a conservative swimsuit or tasteful lingerie )

– A motion shot

– A full body shot that clearly shows the models form ( a body suit or leotard is recommended for these )

– A “Fashion” shot ( more dramatic / sexy )

General Comments

– Black and White is still a preference for most agencies – but plan a mix of both

– Headshots must look like the model and include flaws

– Models should smile naturally

– 9″ x 12″ is a standard size for model portfolios – so plan the images to fit

Clothing Suggestions

– Enough tops and bottoms for 6 – 8 different looks. Clothes should be clean and pressed. This should include a white blouse and a pair of black pants or a simple black skirt. Clothes should be a solid colour and not too shiny or course in texture

– One pair of jeans or casual pants, with jeans the preferred option

– One or two swimsuits -should be one piece with a high cut leg

– One business suit or formal outfit

– Proper accessories and shoes for each outfit

– If you are intending to have any nude / implied nude shots please ensure any tight fitting clothing / under garments are removed at least 2 hours before the shoot – to remove any unwanted marks on the body

Here are our most recent actor and model portfolios for you to take some inspiration